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The Power of When

Find Your Chronotype

Your chronotype is your unique biorhythm that allows you to discover the best time to do anything. From the best time to sleep and wake up to the best time to run a mile, have sex, or even eat a cheeseburger, knowing your chronotype will help you function better throughout the day and night. Your chronotype is the basis of my book The Power of When.

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About The Sleep Doctor

The Sleep Doctor first launched in 2008. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Michael J. Breus, our site has since become a leading authority in the field of sleep health. The Sleep Doctor team is dedicated to helping readers get the rest they need, make meaningful lifestyle changes to ensure high-quality sleep, and achieve peak performance during their waking hours.

We cover all aspects of sleep health and science. Recently, our website has grown to also feature information about different types of sleep products. Our expanding team now includes sleep product experts who personally test mattresses, pillows, sheets, and other bedroom essentials. As The Sleep Doctor evolves, we will continue to deliver evidence-based content intended to help you understand sleep and use this information to sleep better. 

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